The UCI Teacher Academy is pleased to share curated materials to assist educators, families and students during remote instruction. Below are resources, websites and helpful tips carefully selected by Teacher Academy staff and faculty.

COVID19 is impacting many aspects of our lives. We highlight here stories that illuminate how our educational systems are being affected by our actions to mitigate a health crisis in our state and country.

In an effort to support teachers for remote instruction, we’ve curated resources that are readily accessible and usable to promote high-quality learning experiences in a remote instructional context. 

The need for educational institutions to attend to equity and inclusion has become even more visible during the COVID19 remote instructional context. We provide here resources to support districts in attending to these issues and supporting those who are most marginalized in educational institutions during this crisis.

Institutions across the nation have developed sites to assist schools and families in the transition to remote education. Some of the tools were also developed for families for home-based education to leverage family and community resources to support student learning.

Teacher preparation programs and local schools continue to support the preparation of teachers and professional development of their staff. Below are resources for pre-service teachers, teacher educators and mentor teachers, along with resources and materials for continuing to support teacher professional learning.